Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let Go B-Sides

Artist: Avril Lavigne
Title: Let Go B-Sides
Number Of Discs: 1 
Release Year: 2012
Manufactured: Uruguay
Barcode: 718122850617

01. I Don't Give
02. Tomorrow You Didn't
03. Pick Me Up and Take Me Away
04. You Never Satisfy Me
05. Let Go
06. Get Over It
07. Falling Down
08. Headset
09. Why
10. Move Your Little Self On
11. Once and For Real
12. Falling Into History
13. Make Up
14. Not the Only One
15. All You Will Never Know


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  2. Hola como has conseguido , el cd B-sides? , si me puedes dar el dato por favor , por que no lo encuentro en ningún lado , Gracias espero tu respuesta.

  3. is this real? And where have you bought it?